Hindi Typing Keyboard: Hindi Typing Keyboard Layout Download

Hindi Keyboard Download: If you want to type in Hindi you must know Hindi keyboard layout. There are several types of Hindi Typing Keyboard layout for Hindi Typing. First, decide which Hindi keyboard layout is required for Hindi typing test, then download it and practice Hindi Typing. You can download here all type of Hindi typing keyboard image and pdf.

Type of Hindi Keyboard

1. Remington (Typewriter) Hindi Keyboard Kruti Dev

Remington (Typewriter) Hindi Keyboard for Kurti Dev /Delvys Font is widely used in print media, Govt Jobs Exam. You can download here Hindi typing keyboard Kruti dev chart and special character code.

2. Remington GAIL Hindi Keyboard Mangal Unicode Font

Remington GAIL Hindi typing keyboard layout is widely used for Unicode font Mangal. CPCT, CRPF, SSC, UP Police, CISF, FCI, and various other govt exams are conducted in Mangal Unicode Font Remington Gail Keyboard layout.

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3. Hindi Inscript Keyboard

This keyboard layout was standardized for Indian languages and developed by the Indian Government and other organizations. This Inscript keyboard supports 12 Indian scripts including Devanagari. It is also available in almost all Window Operating System. You have to add Hindi Inscript Keyboard from control panel for Hindi typing. check how to add Inscript Keyboard on PC.

4. Hindi Phonetic Keyboard Layout

A Phonetic Keyboard works on Transliteration basis. Phonetic Keyboard uses for English to Hindi Typing or other languages.

Download Hindi Keyboard Layout

Hindi Typing Keyboard Chart Download

Note: Password of PDF file >> hinditypingtest.in

Download Hindi Keyboard Layout

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